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"You will learn that it is not in our daughter’s nature to hide."
- Casimiro Jainnierr


A portion of the Wall honoring fallen soldiers and civilians who have furthered the fight against Party oppression.

Legion 16 is a sprawling story of survival and hope pinned on a band of guerrilla fighters struggling to stem the crushing surge of the Freedom First Party.  


Using devious tactics to win the First Election on an upswell of populist rhetoric, the Party unified old allies under a common banner. Once they'd secured their first Province, the Party reneged on campaign promises and began purging opposition. 


One of the Party's own units, the Sixteenth Legion, said enough and rebelled. Though they were decimated, the Sixteenth's heroism became the stuff of legend, inspiring the post-rebellion generation.


That's the story we're telling now.


Fair warning - Legion 16 is NSFW and is rated Mature. It contains adult themes and material, including language and graphic depictions of the lives of these characters which may be triggering to some. Proceed at your own risk, whatever your experience, age, or laws of your local jurisdiction may be. 

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