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The Story

Imagine hearing the news that your Province’s rulers are considering the unthinkable; an Appeasement Treaty to placate the Freedom First Party and prevent full-scale war. Fearing the worst, and knowing when to beat feet, you rush to the bank, only to discover all accounts have been drained.


As you walk down the street, you notice freshly plastered-up Occult Decree posters that vilify psionic abilities and promise a bounty for citizens who disclose psi-users. Your heart thunders at the sound of an oncoming jeep, certain that uniformed soldiers are looking to arrest suspected collaborators.

“Psst. C’mon.”


Your head snaps towards the whisper from a doorway. Terrified you’ll be the next one “disappeared”, you dart into the bombed-out former bakery and find yourself surrounded by insurgents wearing faded military patches. The jeep continues down the street, leaving the building – and you – unaccosted. You peep out, “Who are you?”


The group of resistance fighters parts and a small woman with violet eyes approaches you. “I am Myrrinn Jainnierr,” she says. “We are what remains of Legion Sixteen.”

Check out the opening chapter to First Watch below:

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