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concept art

A repository for all concept photos for locations that feature heavily in Legion 16. Some may not match exactly, but they at least give a decent idea of what was running through the author's head at the time of writing. As new ideas arise, more pictures may be added.

*Pictures herein that were found during Google Image searches are noted with an asterisk. When possible, all original credit tags have been retained. These pictures were used for inspiration only. No harm was or is intended in their retrieval or usage.

New Kevakk*

The city is a bit beaten up after so many years of the Legion repulsing the more aggressive Party pushes. The area in best condition is the center, where Mid-Town Hospital is located. There's hope for this capital city, though. Parts of it are starting to revitalize, though the threat of bombardment remains.

Credit: Pending

The Residenzia*

The Jainnierr Family home, located in the capital city, the Residenzia is a modern-day villa with a full staff, gardens, greenhouses, and extensive grounds and sub-buildings. Housing both residential quarters, administrative offices, and formal dining halls, the Residenzia is the seat of Y'Tallish's government.

Credit: Pending


The lush vacation paradise (modeled after the Amalfi Coast) is indeed the stuff of legend. A world apart, Y'Tallish are fond of sharing their Province and are very open to visitors.

Credit: Pending

The Hotel*

Following the psi Conflict, the Jainnierr siblings bought and renovated an old hotel in New Kevakk, taking it from derelict shell to a shining example of what the city could be again. Their primary residence, it is also holds offices and serves as a psi refuge.