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Thank Yous

For all the people, in whatever capacity, that had a hand in Legion 16 at any stage, I offer my most sincere thanks (and my condolences, you poor fuckers). You may have been there during the genesis of the characters, you may have been a writing foil, a beta reader, a guru, a cheerleader, a patient ear, a wall against which I could bang my head, an inspiration, a hand that dragged me out of my head, or a boot that kicked me back into it. Whatever part you played, from the depths of my soul, you have my gratitude. If someone was omitted for some reason, it was not intentional. In no particular order, may I present:

Adrian-Michael Audrey-Lloyd Alexander

Isidora Hart

Shirley Will


Tom Clancy

Kristi Von

Josh Henry

Lisa Rodgers, RN, BSN

Terry Rodgers

LTC Brian Foulkes (Ret)

Kathy Foulkes

Dr. Elizabeth Davis

Local Hero Press, LLC

Ian Thomas Healy

Vivien Lake

Alex Oddo

MK Meredith

Maj. Brian Meredith (Ret)

Kameron Claire

Rachel Wille

Matthew Wille

Alex Lacroix

The Yurth Family

Christopher Weaver

AOL - FFRP/SES/TOT creators

Damon Alan

Rebecca Kelsey, MaIT (Hons)

Sam David Management

Jacob Harper, Esq.

David Cicero

Brian Keller

Dr. Alissa Richards

Angela Aponte

Carol Berg

L. V.  Bell

Pikes Peak Writers Conference

Diana Barrios

Jan Jaroscak

Haruka Shiga
Stage 32

Joan Körner

Shawna Rosielle

Hans Rosielle

Janice Tuerff

Tom Tuerff

Cassandra Kitani, M. Ed

Kate Tsuman

Lisa Elliott

Bobby Benn

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