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The Hierarchy is the political face of the government. They make the laws and administer them, write and sign treaties, declare war, set up trade agreements, and perform all the executive functions of a government. Rule is hereditary with most Families well-established in positions of power, although Families can be removed from power in accordance with each province's constitution.

All information is according to traditional borders and families prior to the First Election. Current status following the Third Election is listed.

The Hierarchy is the collective names for the global government, comprised of the ruling families (known as The Hierarchy) and their administrative families, the Chancellary. Each Province has one Hierarchy family and one Chancellary family. Typically, they both reside in the provincial capital city. Each official province vehicle will fly two flags: Hierarchy and provincial. Both branches speak the largely outlawed diplomatic language, Elamejj






The nine points represent each of the nine Provinces. Orange represents the dawn, blue the twilight.

Each Family has a tattoo that is specific to them, in design, placement, and color. Each Family member is required to have it once they hit the age of eligibility and they are the only ones permitted to bear Hierarchal ink. If a Family leaves power, for whatever reason, their ink is retired and the incoming Family designs their own.

Shadowy and behind-the-scenes, the Chancellary is often known as the "neck of the Hierarchy", able to turn it any way, to see anything they want. They're also known for their back alley dealings and political intrigue. Historically, the Chancellary is known for cleaning up Hierarchy political and personal messes. Chancellary families are born to their station and do not change, despite any Hierarchy family change. If, for whatever reason, a Chancellary family cannot fulfill their duties, a new one is appointed by a secret committee. Chancellary members do not have tattoos. 

Rough pronunciations are given in parentheses. Syllabic emphasis is marked with an apostrophe (the difference between GER-many and Ger-MANY).

Note: a generation on Vaerith is defined as 25 years.

The Jainnierrs


Province: Y'Tallish

Leader title: Sinlarrsh (sin-lar'-sh)

Honorific: Messer, Madame

Family tenure: 12 generations


Age of eligibility: 17

Members: 4

Chancellery:  Farroll (fair'-oll)

Status: Active


Hierarchy Tattoo Placement:

Color: Blue

The longest standing Family, the Jainnierr ancestry is rooted in piracy which has made them skilled diplomats and linguists. They enjoy unprecedented support from their citizens and are staunch supporters of individual freedom. While often the voice of reason during votes, they are notorious for standing on principle and resisting invasion. Their Chancellary family is one of the least seen.

Enthusiastic hosts of the planet's largest parties, the Jainnierr Family is most known for their support and of and participation in entertainment and social support initiatives. Citizens are welcomed directly into their home, a Hierarchal anomaly. A reverent family, they also administer the Pantheonic Archival Trust.

The Jainnierr Family is the only active Hierarchy Family left. It is a responsibility they bear with utmost solemnity.

The Sielleighs


Province: Onnais

Leader title: Signeurre (sig-nyur'-eh)

Honorific: Your/His/Her Highness

Family tenure: 11 generations

Age of eligibility: 17

Members: 8

Chancellary: Berre (berr'-uh)

Status: Projected appeasement


Hierarchy Tattoo Placement:

Color: Red

The second-longest reigning Family, the Sielleighs came to power after a Jainnierr marriage created a political alliance. Their rule is known to be solid and fair and has never been challenged. Their Chancellary has been with them through five generations. 

Sielleigh family interests range from the arts to wine and cheese to tourism. They support cultural preservation through architecture and creative pursuits. Through their foundation, all students have a semester abroad to explore the arts. Through a joint venture with the Jainnierrs, all Family members are required to do at least five years abroad, two of which must be for relief purposes, before Ascending.

Martinn Sielleigh has kept the Party at bay for as long as he could, but an Accord looms if they are to survive. Fallen Hierarchy, removed from their ancestral home, they haven't made a public appearance under risk of purge.

The Kashinns


Province: Gmundkevakk

Leader title: Voryani (for-ahn'-ee)

Honorific: Sir, Madam

Family tenure: 1 generation

Age of eligibility: 25

Members: 4

Chancellary: Runyonn (run-yun)

Status: Purged


Hierarchy Tattoo Placement:

Color: Green

The newest Family was handpicked by the Freedom First Party influencers before the First Election as a means of minimizing unrest. Known to be aligned loosely through nativist and nationalistic tendencies, their Ascension was not formalized and was not considered legitimate. Their Chancellary was released after seven generations of service.

Technology and industry color the Kashinn background and most of their money and support. Though not scientists or engineers themselves, they appreciate the advancements that can be had through those fields.

The Kashinn Family was killed following the First Election.

The Nehllings


Province: Charenn

Title: Diang (dee-ahng')

Honorific: Honorable/Honor

Family tenure: 6 generations


Age of eligibility: 17

Members: 4

Chancellary: Zeminn (zeh-minn')

Status: Purged


Hierarchy Tattoo Placement:

Color: Black

Q'wai Nehlling rose from nothing 150 years ago to become the Diang of the Charenn Province through thievery, seduction, and rumor mongering. Six generations later, her namesake carries on the family tradition with the world's longest sitting Chancellary. 

Nehlling Enterprises still carries on, supporting banking and global investment opportunities. Known as the Bank of the Hierarchy, they are extremely private and have a reputation of sealing records.

Only one of the Nehlling children escaped the purge that consumed the Family following the Second Election. The status of the inheritant is unknown. 


The Durrants

Province: Vedrii

Leader title: Marron (mare-ohn')

Honorific: Lord/Lady Esteemed

Family tenure: 3 generations

Age of eligibility: 23

Members: 4

Chancellary: Trannarr (truh-narr)

Status: Purged


Hierarchy Tattoo Placement:

Color: Purple, orange

The Durrants are getting comfortable in their Hierarchy role, with over a hundred years in rule. Sandwiched in the middle of the continent, they are a neutral voice between two dogmatic Provinces. Their Chancellary is new, so they are rewriting many of traditional rules.

Farmers by trade, the Durrant Family is especially careful with supporting farmers and agricultural practices. They are known to cut off grain supplies to get their way. They encourage innovative practices and development of new, hardier species. 

The Durrants were imprisoned and later killed following the First Election.

The Mrettideens


Province: Atremm

Leader title: Tanist (tahn'-ist)

Honorific: Lord, Lady

Family tenure: 8 generations


Age of eligibility: 19

Members: 3

Chancellary: Kerrisk (kerr'-isk)

Status: Abdicated due to bankruptcy


Hierarchy Tattoo Placement:

Color: Black, green

The Mrettideen Family has a long, contentious history with the Calaar Family, though the source of their conflict is subject to rumor. Coming into power at the same time, they were installed in direct response to their neighbor's Ascension. Accomplished and savvy statesmen, they work closely with their Chancellary.

A strong voice in international dealings, the Mrettideens often vote directly against the Calaars, even if they agree with the initiative. They are a forward-thinking Family, with a tendency to embrace change. The trades communities (electrician, plumber, etc) enjoy heavy support.

Due to the Party's sanctions, the Mrettideens were bankrupted and their Province has become largely lawless. The Family's status is unknown.

The Calaars


Province: Tulumm

Leader title: Consul (kahn'-suhl)

Honorific: Your/His/Her High

Family tenure: 8 generations

Age of eligibility: 19

Members: 13

Chancellary: Irilarri (ee-ree-lahr'-ree)

Status: Abdicated due to bankruptcy


Hierarchy Tattoo Placement:

Color: Black, blue

The Calaar Family has a one of the longest tenures in the Hierarchy. They came into power along with the neighboring Mrettideen Family, with whom they share an ongoing conflict. Entrenched in tradition, they are resistant to change and favor casting opposition during votes.

The arts enjoy ample support from the Calaars, especially painting and fashion. They showcase designers and artists during their frequent public appearances. They are responsible for ensuring all citizens have access to arts with numerous museums and workshops.

Reann and Nilderr have one of the largest families with eleven children. Due to the Party's sanctions, they were bankrupted and their Province has become largely lawless. The Family's status is unknown.

The Gorrdanns


Province: Naymarr

Leader title: Oye (oh'-yay)

Honorific: Grace

Family tenure: 3 generations

Age of eligibility: 17

Members: 5

Chancellary: Whelann (well'-uhn)

Status: Appeased


Hierarchy Tattoo Placement:

Color: Green, blue

As the Family in charge of the continent's largest shipping port, the Gorrdanns are skilled linguists and administrators. A trading heritage and numerous international connections made them the perfect choice for appointment when the previous Family was ousted by the Whelanns. They are one of the few Families who do not live in the Provincial capital.

The Family typically serves as mediators during Hierarchy disputes, often serving as witnesses to treaties. To date, they have not authored any major initiatives. They enjoy roads and buildings being named after them.

Jonn and Mena's only child, Simonn, is part of what the Party is using to force the Family to allow Party Outposts to be established.

The Vannesses


Province: Nayaritt

Leader title: Ujjarr (oo'-jarr)

Honorific: Master, Mistress

Family tenure: 2 generations

Age of eligibility: 17

Members: 5

Chancellary: Uledd (oo'-ledd)

Status: In hiding


Hierarchy Tattoo Placement:

Color: Black, red

The Vanness Family is relatively new to the Hierarchy, having arrived into power after a bloodless coup where the previous Family abdicated following a lack of successors. They came into power shortly before the First Election. They were business people with a history of community philanthropy and only mild corruption.

The Vanness Family has a fondness for community initiatives and enjoy investing in entrepreneurial projects. Before entering the Hierarchy, they had set up an educational foundation, set to improve the Province's schools and academies.

Antonn and his wife Jessinn have gone into hiding in an attempt to keep their three children safe and hold on to their Province as long as they can.

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