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Ready to play? Write some fanfic? Just gotta know more? Here are all the references, guides, images, sketches for all you free-form role-players/writers to live within this world and all you readers to have your questions answered. 

Dive on in and see why these characters are the way they are.
Want to create your own version of something? Picture a character differently in your head? Inspired to write a new scene? Create a new character? Tell a new story? Go to the Fan Generated Content area and show us! (Note: The Fan Generate Content area is not yet active. Please stay tuned)

Legion 16 - Origins, transformations, mission


Freedom First Party - Origins, transformations, mission


Everything you need to know about psi (especially if you

want to write it)


Basic character traits for the canon characters

Vaerith With Provinces 3_edited.jpg

The global constants - climate, geography, etc.

Organized Files

Inspirations for story locations

Provincial Flag.png

Pre-First Election countries


Pre-First Election global governments

Pantheon 4.jpeg

Major and minor deities

All art has 1) been commissioned and is owned by both the originating artist and the Legion 16 creator, with full commercial and personal use permissions; 2) been created by the author using previously attained works via commission or free domain usage; 3) been created by the author with credit attributed when known; 4) been created solely by the author using only their works. Other pictures may be added and credit will be given to the artists.

Character depictions are based upon what was initially in the creator's head and are not meant to be definitive. Characters may not be represented as the same age we read about them.

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