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***These pages are works in progress and may not be finished.

Quick Facts

Hierarchy: Calaar/Irilarri

Capital: Crannac (crah'-nock)

Demonym: Tuluese (too-loo-ees')

Language: Tuluese

Population: 724M

Major Holidays: 8

Number of regions: 27

Area (km²): 27,215,001

Major cities: Crannac, Lbanrese, Muadad, Teria

Major industries: Agriculture, textiles, fishing, mining

All areas and populations given are approximate, pre-First Election.


Tuluese culture is heavily influenced by its major garment and tapestry houses. With the planet's only silkworm farms, they command high prices and give the Province a very high cost of living. With a heavily reliance on such a small number of industries, Tulumm is moderately vulnerable to collapse if they lose farms. Their lives are as colorful as their clothing and they enjoy permanent stalls on the Circuit road.


Global map of Vaerith with the Tulumm province highlighted. The Tulumm province is located on the north-eastern side of the continent in the Western hemisphere.


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Tulumm flag - Red background with white horizontal stripe occupying top 30%. Center has a yellow shield with a blue inlay. Six stylized red and yellow mountains are topped by a single yellow star above the center peak.


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Tulumm crest - Red shield with white square tilted on side at bottom (corner points to center). Three white deadblow-style hammers are arranged horizontally above the square's point.

TU - Biome - XS.png

Geography and Climate

Tulumm's northwestern border rumbles regularly with groundquakes, but the volcanic island in the northern Trifare Sea has been dormant for a thousand years.


Various grasslands cover the southern half of the province, with forests occupying the north and eastern shores. A notable grassland exists in the north, known for its grain harvests.


Tulumm has a disorientating series of underground labyrinths, valleys, and hills to the southwest, pockmarked by deserts. The largest lake, Crome, is in the north central area.


Average temperature across the province  ranges from -6°C(20°F) to 21°C(70°F). Icebergs around most of Tulumm's coastline makes for notoriously tricky shipping routes.


Demographic statistics of Tulumm


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Social Infrastructure
There is no mandatory education requirement, though the amount you attend will affect later options. Children may work as young as 7, though there are restrictions as to the type of work they may do and how many hours a day they are permitted to work. Post-secondary options are rare but are privately paid for. Students who attend school through age 11 have a 6-year military/police commitment. Attendance through age 15 decreases that commitment to 3.5 years. 


Social services and healthcare are attached to jobs, with all citizens covered universally until age 7. Full citizenship is gained through birth and not through any other means. Marriage grants limited citizenship.


Work days are considered "as you are", with 4 6-hour shifts running daily. Most work weeks are 6 days long, with the off day typically used for sporting events. 

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The Province was decimated following their Family's abdication. Each city has been left to govern itself with frequent infighting. 

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The northern regions of the Province host very popular fishing tours, especially for large sport fish. Employing a mostly catch-and-release technique, they have created innovative techniques that do not harm the animals. 

The famed tinsel bear (from which the Province gets its name) lives on the northern islands.

Geography & Climate
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