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Quick Facts

Hierarchy: Mrettideen/Kerrisk

Capital: Odisea 


Demonym: Atrei

Language: Atrei

Population: 426M

Major Holidays: 11

Administrative regions: 12

Area (km²): 15,033,777

Major cities: Odisea, Kerrinmett, Kinnitt, Narriss

Major industries: Fishing, electronics, industrial/parts, mining

All areas and populations given are approximate, pre-First Election.


Atremm (ah'trem) historically is the only province whose borders, capital, and area remain largely unchanged. A minor imperialistic surge from the neighboring province of Tulumm before the Reformation briefly shrank its borders by thirteen square meters. The border and political stability, along with a demanding climate, has led to its culture being the most homogenous and most mobile of all the provinces. Atremm also boasts the fewest number of incursions, colonization attempts, and diplomatic sanctions. 


Global map of Vaerith with the Atremm province highlighted. The Atremm province is located on the north-western side of the continent in the Western Hemisphere


Atremm's name, like Tulumm's, is derived from an agreement between the two provinces' original Hierarchy ruling families. Yevhe Temm (yeh'-vey temm) of Atremm contributed the last three letters of the family name. Idani Tulatr (id-dahn'-ee tuhl-aht-tre') of Tulumm split her last name between the two. As a result, the families agreed to Atremm for the Temm's province and Tulemm for the Tulatr's province. The registering clerk (fortunately a neutral party) misread 'Tulemm' as 'Tulumm' and documented the name incorrectly.


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Geography and Climate

Most of Atremm's climate is grasslands, though some temperate deciduous forests dot coastal areas. Two of Atremm's three islands have temperate deciduous forests and one has tropical seasonal forest. Due to extreme water hazards, that island is not regularly visited. Average temperatures across Atremm range from 4.4°C (40°F) to 21°C (70°F), with the south staying warmer.


The Arleda, Atremm's largest river, can be found in the north. Flowing east to west, the 1727km (106.7mi) river is a popular recreation area and irrigation source. Schiller Lake, located in the southern part of the province, is the Province's largest and was dammed to provide hydroelectric power. Hills dot the southeastern border with Tulumm. Most seismic activity is confined to the northern and western borders.


Atremm flag - three horizontal stripes. Top stripe is navy blue with a white five-pointed star in the bottom left. Middle stripe is white with four light blue five-pointed stars scattered in the middle. Bottom stripe is navy blue with no stars.


Atremm crest - shield shape with tri-point top, divided into quarters with alternating colors of black and white. Red 10-point stars occupy the black quarters. A line made of wavy spikes divides the top and bottom halves.

AT - Biomes - XS.png


Population statistics for Atremm

Social Infrastructure

All children undergo apprenticeship from the age of 6 while doing formal school. A minimum of two years of school is required and a 12th grade math/reading/ writing proficiency test must be passed at 90% or higher to exit and be eligible for work. Those who opt to attend post-primary education do so without charge, but with a 3-year work commitment.

Social services and healthcare are largely provided on a concierge basis, except in the government hospitals. Citizenship is gained through birth or a naturalization process that requires a minimum residency and an integration evaluation. There is no mandatory military service requirement.


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Trades are the hallmark of the smallest Overseas Province. Families build their reputations on their skills and have formed non-chartered guilds around them. Masons, plumbers, glaziers, carpenters, and plasterers are some of the most prominent non-electric tradesmen.

The population is highly mobile, plying their wares and services on well-established trade routes and setting up for several days at a time in small towns and villages. They move according to a schedule that is determined every year, and never during holidays.


Atremm suffered heavily after their Family was bankrupted. With no central government, each city is left to govern itself under a loose coalition. The region is subject to heavy military recruitment from both factions.

Pejoratively called "Dust Farmers" due to the frequent droughts that plague the area, Atremm makes most of the bricks for the area, and has a reputation for superior circuit boards and containers. The highly prized delicacy of ikole fish only swims in the northern waters.

Home to the Circuit, the Province has the continent's best farmer's markets.

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