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Gold Shield


A black caduceus on a gold shield background

Quick Facts

Location: New Kevakk (newkehv-ahck), Naymarr

Floors: 11 (including 2 sub-levels)

Area: 22, 947.05 m2 (247,000 ft2)

Specialities: 11

# of beds: 262

Permanent staff: 750

Physicians: 7

Medics: 24

Nurses: 136

Technicians: 15

Support staff

Rotational staff: 76

Permanent vehicles: 8 ambulances (shared with firehouses), 7 city duty jeeps, 1 helicopter

Above stats are per original staffing. These numbers have shifted due to the ongoing conflict.

Blue and yellow Modern Corporate Annual Report.png

Most recent version of fhe Neutrality Agreement.

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Mid-Town Hospital is New Kevakk's premiere medical care center, providing inpatient and outpatient care without regard to political affiliation. Unique amongst its peers, Mid-Town has always performed City Duty, a type of house-call or homebound service for patients who are unable to transport themselves. Mid-Town staff routinely does rounds throughout New Kevakk and surrounding areas, as well as serve in front line aid stations and field hospitals.

Staff assigned to Mid-Town are known as "Gold Shield". Not an official faction, Gold Shield staff fall under the protection of the Neutrality Agreement and are bound by its restrictions.

In additional to medical care, Mid-Town serves as a central gathering point for food, coffee, and gossip for members of all affiliations (or lack thereof). It is recognized as neutral ground by all affiliations, with few willing to risk restriction of services (showers, food, supplies, medical care).


The founders of Mid-Town Hospital envisioned a hospital with a central location, a "beacon of care in the center for the city for any to find". Their big vision in mind, the hospital started off as a three-story building near the major crossroads of (now-named) Serenity and Patriot, three blocks from its current location. As the city expanded and patient needs increased, the ground-breaking ceremony commenced on the current site 54 years after the first hospital's ribbon-cutting.

Each respective faction has their own medical staffs and field hospitals, which also fall under a section of the Neutrality Agreement (preventing firing upon respective tents/care areas, but not preventing abductions from them). Each respective faction has representatives working at Mid-Town to increase access to patient care and minimize treatment-resistant patients. 

Mid-Town shares medical staff with several firehouses and smaller clinics around New Kevakk. Any staff with Mid-Town privileges, regardless of home station, is regarded as a Gold Shield member and falls under the Neutrality Agreement.


Global map of Vaerith with the Naymarr province highlighted. The Naymarr province is located on the south-eastern side of the continent in the Western Hemisphere


Credit: Sidney Reed

Automated Medical Interface (AMI)

Mid-Town Hospital is supported by an automated medical interface (AMI). All centralized and state-funded hospitals (not field hospitals) are connected to AMI. Two central mainframes, one in New Kevakk and one in Gmundkevakk, disperse information to 145 different substations across the nine Provinces.


System security is maintained through seven access levels, based upon staff role and seniority. Higher levels have access to all included lower levels. The sole exception is to those individuals with Security Level 4 access; Security Level 4 access is specific to maintenance staff and assigned technicians. Some floors are separated by access levels in wall panels. Most floor access is controlled via elevator and stairwell panels.


AMI has a program voice that is by default female. Described as sing-song, the voice is regarded as pleasant and patients frequently request AMI read to them as they drift off to sleep. There are six voice options available upon program initiation or after a system reset; two male, two female, and two sex-neutral.

AMI also serves as a medical encyclopedia, programmed with all current medical information that includes combat and field procedures. Staff can request information during treatment or any procedure. Patients are welcome to browse the digital library.

All entries, exits, door openings, transports, medical procedures, appointments, surgeries, pharmacy, and morgue operations are visually recorded and date/timestamped by hundreds of cameras and sensors located throughout the hospital. The recorded files are compressed and stored by AMI in a cloud-based system. Recorded files are accessible by staff with Security Level 5 or higher. Recorded files are erased after five years.

AMI stores all patient files and logs all admissions and patient contacts. Initial entry to Mid-Town creates a contact file that includes a voiceprint. Terminals are located behind each staff desk and are accessible via voice and handprint. Speakers dot the floors, allowing patients, visitors, and staff the ability to ask AMI questions and record messages for other patients, visitors, or staff. Access to messages is controlled through voiceprint comparison to existing files.

Staff can enter patient information via terminal keyboards or verbally charting to AMI as care is administered. Patients who have been admitted and are assigned a room can access their own files verbally from their assigned room. Outpatients must access their files through staff request.

Full-body wellness scans at entrances are being piloted at three locations to determine viability and reliability.

After the reorganization, AMI was reprogrammed to include floor access control measures. Staff override of these measures requires Security Level 6 or higher.

Neutrality Agreement

When the Freedom First Party initiated diplomatic relations with Naymarr, Mid-Town administration at the time took proactive measures to protect regional medical care. Recognizing the pattern that overseas Provinces had followed, the administration - comprised of one Freedom First Party doctor and one Legion-associated (or sympathetic) doctor - crafted the Neutrality Agreement.

To prevent any future claims of bias or favor, the Agreement was created independently, without any input from any ruling Family.

The Agreement granted neutrality to any medical personnel and locations where official care was provided. Violation of the Agreement could result in restriction to medical care access. The Agreement extends to all combat-, movement-, supply-, intelligence-gathering- or detention-related operations or equipment, traditional or otherwise.

7 - All levels
6 - Labs, Pharmacy, Access App't/Override
Charge Staff, Pharmacists, Security, and higher
5 - ORs, radiology, records, morgue
Nurses, Physicians, Medics, and higher
4 - Panel access rooms, labs, radiology
Maintenance, Technicians
3 - All interior doors (except panel access rooms)
Janitorial, Transporters, and higher
2 - Kitchen doors, roof garden
Kitchen and higher
1 - External access doors
All staff

Organization and Layout

Mid-Town is a mid-size hospital with 11 floors. In its heydey, the hospital boasted physicians in 11 different specialities and was considered top in the region for nine of them and top on the continent in four. Today, Mid-Town has undergone a reorganization to meet the current needs created by the conflict. Part of the reorganization is due to medical personnel being executed, abducted, or poached by various political, social, and military actors.

The included map is based upon original layout and designation and is not representative of current usage, due to the ongoing conflict.

Each floor has its own nursing stations, physician offices, waiting rooms, lounges, staff offices/lounges, security office, and storage rooms, as well as satellite labs, pharmacies, server rooms, and housekeeping areas. These may or may not be labeled on the map. Larger units have their own patient rooms (not specified on the map). Patient rooms on other floors are likewise designed as a general area, not by room number. Post-surgical recovery rooms outside the operating theaters are included on the floor, but are also not labeled. 

The hospital map is not exact and is considered an approximation.

Mid-Town Floors by Security Level

B2 - 3, 4, 7

B1 - 3 - 7

Entry Floor - 1 - 7 

1st Floor - 3 - 7

2nd Floor - 3, 5 - 7 

3rd Floor - 3 - 7

4th Floor - 1 - 7 

5th Floor - 3 - 7

6th Floor - 3 - 7

7th Floor - 3 - 7 

8th Floor - 1 - 7 

Roof - 2, 7


Past Incidents

Incident 4

Antagonist - Freedom First Party

Since the signing and enforcement of the Neutrality Agreement, there have been only four incidents elevated to an administrative level. Incidents elevated to an administrative level may result in a temporary or permanent ban of services to the offending patient or affiliation.

Incident 1

Antagonist - Cult [sic]

Situational summary - Two Freedom First Party units attempted to access non-assigned patient floors during a sweep for suspected Legion members and psi wielders. Proposed consequence - Permanent ban for involved unit members, 1-year ban for all Freedom First Party members (including all City and Headquarters visits), except in emergency, life-threatening cases. Resolution - Permanent ban for involved Freedom First Party unit members, 60-day ban for all Freedom First Party members (restricted to 3 Headquarters visits for member care for all members for 60-days), except for in emergency, life-threatening cases. Administrator(s) - Myrrinn and Dorriann Jainnierrsection titles and descriptions. It gives people access to all the info they need, while keeping your layout clean. Link your text to anything, or set your text box to expand on click. Write your text here...

Situational summary - Direct Command Freedom First Party leadership implemented a city-wide supply blockade, including identified Gold Shield shipments.  Proposed consequence - Permanent location-restricted access (City Duty and quarterly Headquarters visits only) to all Freedom First Party members except in emergency, life-threatening cases. Resolution - 90-day ban for all Freedom First Party members for all Mid-Town services (except for emergency, life-threatening cases), 180-day restriction to City Duty and Headquarters visits (once per 30 days). Decree enacted that any further attempts at a blockade would result in a permanent ban to all MidTown services. Administrator(s) - Myrrinn and Dorriann Jainnierr

Situational summary - Several Cult [sic] members swarmed the lobby and overtook the cafeteria and three patient floors. Proposed consequence - Permanent location ban for involved individuals, 180-day location ban for identified Cult [sic] members, 180-day City Duty ban, except for in emergency, life-threatening cases. Resolution - Permanent location ban for involved individuals, 30-day location ban for identified Cult [sic] members, except for in emergency, life-threatening cases. Referral to Provincial Judiciary for further prosecution. Administrator(s) - Xaver Hannemann

Situational summary - One identified Party enlisted member and 1 civilian engaged in verbally and physically assaultive behavior in the lobby. Proposed consequence - 180-day location ban for each involved individual, 30-day location ban for Freedom First Party. except for in emergency, life-threatening cases. Resolution - 30-day location ban for Freedom First Party, 30-day Headquarters visit ban for Freedom First Party, 30-day ban for each involved individual, except for in emergency, life-threatening cases. Administrator(s) - Myrrinn and Dorriann Jainnierr

Incident 3

Antagonist - Freedom First


Incident 2

Antagonist - Freedom First Party and civilian

Current Status

The Neutrality Agreement remains in effect, with all affiliations respecting the current Agreement Administrators' implementation and enforcement. There has not been an incident in the last thirteen months.

Neutrality Agreement
Past Incidents
Current status
Organization and Layout
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