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Quick Facts

Hierarchy: Durrant/Jatto

Capital: Gavarr (gah-var')

Demonym: Vedriian (ved-ree'-un)

Language: Xanpresh (zan'-presh)

Population: 573M

Major Holidays: 5

Number of regions: 9

Area (km²): 26,821,764

Major cities: Gavarr, Bomure, Athali, Tapero, Nelagat

Major industries: Agriculture, spices, textiles, tourism, fishing

All areas and populations given are approximate, pre-First Election.


Being between the most culturally opposite Provinces, Vedrii has had the unenviable position of being the Continent's mediating influence. As a result, they're not known to rile easily. As the home of most of the hemisphere's grain production, the small Province wields a lot of regional influence. 


Global map of Vaerith with the Vedrii province highlighted. The Vedrii province is located on the north-central area of the continent in the Eastern Hemisphere


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Vedrii flag - Top half is black, bottom half is dark green. A tilted, yellow letter Z covers the whole flag, starting at top right, creating a yellow middle stripe, and ending at the bottom left.


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Vedrii crest - Black shield with green stylized, 12-pointed fire erupting from the bottom point.

Geography and Climate

Most of Vedrii's forests are located in the northeast, thanks to the Esseaved Lake Complex.


Approximately one-third of the province's area is grasslands (which account for the wide average temperature band of -6°C(20°F) to 21°C(70°F), though a thread of forests runs from the northwest border with Gmundkevakk down into the central desert.


A sizeable wetland exists in the northern, centrally-located peninsula. Extensive hill networks can make transportation challenging exist throughout the province. Landslides due to southern border tectonic activity also contribute to navigation difficulties.


The Asier River system (4958km/3080mi), snakes its way from the northern Gabasa Bay through Lake Amira southward. The province's western desert is known for exceptionally dangerous flash storm cycles.

VE - Biomes - XS.png


Demographic statistics of Vedrii


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Social Infrastructure
Life revolves around the harvests in this central zone. Days start and end early, with most of the populace employed by agriculture in one way or another. Citizens tend either their own farms or larger, sponsored ones. They frequently travel between them, depending on what is being harvested.  There is no minimum school requirement, although most children do attend at least half-time until age 14. Apprentice- and internships are the most common form of post-secondary education. Those who choose an institution do so at their own cost. Land ownership is encouraged and often shared amongst families to break up the cost.


Social services and healthcare are universally available to all citizens and those with visas. Every farm has its own clinic that is staffed by at least one medical personnel. Citizenship is gained through birth or a naturalization process that requires a minimum residency and an integration evaluation. There is a three-year military commitment for all citizens between the ages of 17 and 30.


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The Durrantt Family was purged following the First Election. The whereabouts of their Chancellary is unknown.

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The southeast island of Maidwin is home to some of the most beautiful resorts and oceanfront vacation properties. Joint Hierarchy meetings take place here and the island's only residents work in support of the meetings or properties.

The Jatto Family home is on the island and is open for tours.

Geography & Climate
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