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Quick Facts

Hierarchy: Sielleigh/Berre

Capital: Soraac (sor'-ack)

Demonym: Onnasque

Language: Outian (oh-wee'-shun)

Population: 407M

Major Holidays: 6 

Number of regions: 27

Area (km²): 17,943,947

Major cities: Soraac, Aquis, Fuellon, Rerra, Barce

Major industries: Clothing, wine, cheese, agriculture, paper

All areas and populations given are approximate, pre-First Election.


With its close ties to its southern neighbor, Onnais is jokingly referred to as Northern Y'Tallish. Most of the land is covered in farms and the population is evenly distributed. The roads are some of the best on the planet, with each family responsible for their own section. A laid-back culture leads to the misconception that they are lazy.


Global map of Vaerith with the Onnais province highlighted in pink. The Onnais province is located on the eastern side of the continent in the Western Hemisphere


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Onnais flag - White background with two blue rectangles - one in top left corner, larger one in bottom right corner. Two yellow crescent moons back-to-back are in top right blue rectangle.


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Geography and Climate

The western third of Onnais is part of a shared grassland network with Vedrii, with the north and eastern thirds being forested. Its mountainous spine stretches along the southern Y'Tallish border and reaches up through its central plains towards Vedrii.


Quattiterra Lake is not Onnais's largest freshwater body; that honor goes to Greater Esseaved, a crown-shaped lake that splits the northwestern Vedriian border.


Blessed as the least-seismically active provinces, an extinct fault line does run off the southern coast of Greater Esseaved Lake. Any extremes in temperature (averages ranging from  -1°C (30°F) to 32°C (90°F) are usually amplified by higher humidity (especially in the east) and lake-effect weather.


The province shares its northern island of Autel with Vedrii, occupying the southeastern half of it, and its southernmost peninsula with Y'Tallish. 

ON - Biomes - XS.png

Onnais crest - Rounded shield with white background, top right and bottom left sections are blue. Two nestled crescent moons (rounded part at the bottom) are in the center foreground.


Demographic statistics of Onnais


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Social Infrastructure 

All children are required to go to school until the age of 15, after which they may choose to complete a 2-year foundational sequence before going on to university, complete a 3-year vocational program, or they may directly enter the workforce. Post-secondary education is paid for through private payments, low-interest credit, or internships.

Social services and healthcare are universally available to all citizens and those with visas. Citizenship is gained through birth or a naturalization process that requires a minimum residency and an integration evaluation. All citizens serve a total of six years of military service.


Onnais citizens enjoy a number of daily breaks where roadside stands pop up offering refreshments several times a day. A table never goes without wine, frequently with a family label. 

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Onnais is celebrated for its pastoral views and numerous bed-and-breakfast type places, catering to every budget. Most of their festivals revolve around food. The Province boasts the greatest diversity of both cheese and wine on the planet -- each with more than 200 distinct types!

The Sielleighs are well known performers, boasting their own theatre hall.


Onnais is the latest Continental Province expected to fall under an Accord, which promises to preserve most of their Province from destruction.

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Geography & Climate
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