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Quick Facts

Hierarchy: Jainnierr/Farroll

Capital: Lis'cann

Demonym: Ytallish 

Language: Ytallish

Population: 244M

Major Holidays: 2  

Number of regions: 11

Area (km²): 8,210,695

Major cities: Lis'cann, Mogentia, Ibla

Major industries: Tourism, textiles, salt, coffee, clothing, wine, olives

All areas and populations given are approximate, pre-First Election.


The smallest of all the Provinces, Y'Tallish is also the most isolated due to the protective mountain range that curves around its northern borders. The name is derived from an ancient word meaning "to suck the marrow" and its populace does exactly that, fully embracing life as part of their cultural identity. Fiercely independent, they have avoided invasion since the start of the Provincial Formation.


Global map of Vaerith with the Y'tallish province highlighted. The Y'Tallish province is located on the south-eastern side of the continent in the Eastern Hemisphere


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Y'Tallish flag - Blue background, with white horizontal center stripe occupying 60% of the space. Yellow isosceles triangle has base on left side, point on right side of white stripe. White crescent moon rocks against base of triangle.


Y'Tallish crest - Blue background, yellow Saracen saber with blade pointing up in center of shield.

Geography and Climate

Y'Tallish's climate zones and geography care divided into two distinct areas -- mainland and island -- despite a nearly uniform presence of forests across the province.


The mountain range to the northwest was formed by the southern plate subducting beneath the northern plate and is volcanically active, accounting for most of the islands.


Most shipping occurs via mainland airstrips due to the islands' near innavigability for large ships.


Average provincial temperatures range from -6°C(20°F) to 21°C(70°F), with the northwestern mountainous region accounting for the most extreme lows. Y'Tallish does share part of an eastern peninsula with Onnais, though governments rate it as an island zone.


The province's largest lake is Quattiterra Lake to the West, which it shares with Vedrii, Onnais, and Charenn.



Demographic statistics for Y'Tallish


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Social Infrastructure
All children are required to go to school until the age of 16, after which they may choose to complete a 2-year foundational sequence before going on to university, complete a 1-5 year vocational program, or they may directly enter the workforce. The first post-secondary qualification is paid for by the Province, with post-graduate work paid for by the employing institution. 

Social services and healthcare is universally available to all citizens and those with visas. Citizenship is gained through birth or a naturalization process that requires a minimum residency and an integration evaluation. There is no mandatory military service requirement.


They say time runs differently in this Province, as it seems no one actually "works". While it's true there are few "9-5" jobs here, most of the population is employed to some degree, with ample time off given to engage in the Province's slight obsession with rugby.

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Hands down, the Y'Tallish province is best known for its biannual celebrations -- Carnivale (Third Sepperl) and Festival (Third Elliss). Renowned across the globe, these two-week long themed blowouts are a major source of both income and goodwill. The entire Province is involved with the planning and execution of the Celebrations. 

The Jainnierr Family plays a prominent role in every Celebration.


Y'Tallish is the only Continental Province not under an Accord and the only Province with an intact and functioning Hierarchy.

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Geography & Climate
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