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Quick Facts

Hierarchy: Gorrdann/Whelann

Capital: New Kevakk (newkehv-ahck)

Demonym: Naymarrish (nay-marr'-eesh)

Language: Anladdish (ahn-lahd'-ish)

Population: 619M

Major Holidays: 4

Number of regions: 23

Area (km²): 32,337,387

Major cities: New Kevakk, Fadale, Desat

Major industries: Shipping, manufacturing, mining, vehicles, asphalt

All areas and populations given are approximate, pre-First Election.


Its proud shipping tradition originally led to close ties with Y'Tallish. Heavy industry defines the region, with most of the people clustering around New Kevakk and away from the Void and Wastes. Small settlements of scrappy inhabitants dot the landscape to the east and north. Naymarrish maintain their reputation for speedy builds of both roads and vehicles.


Global map of Vaerith with the Naymarr province highlighted. The Naymarr province is located on the south-eastern side of the continent in the Western Hemisphere


Naymarr used to be joined with Nayaritt. The two Provinces split during the original Convention. "Nay" pays honor to the former name (Nayledian), while "marr" indicates the north and "aritt" the south.


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Naymarr flag - White background with ten-pointed red star in middle.


Naymarr crest - Pointed-stop shield with white background and green diagonal stripes (left to right). Eleven purple and gold crowns line the border.

NM - Biomes - XS.png

Geography and Climate

Boasting the planet's second most claimed islands (after Y'Tallish), Naymarr's coastline is vast and treacherous. Only one bay (Sheppard's) is conducive to large freighters and barges. Most large transport ships unload their cargo onto smaller ships in the northeastern gulf, which then take it inland. An isthmus to the west joins most of the commercial transport routes to the rest of the province.


Sharing a series of grasslands with its western neighbor, Naymarr's average temperature resembles that of Nayaritt's (-1°C (30°F) to 32°C (90°F)). Two cirque glaciers in the western part of the province are protected by mountains on all sides.


The islands enjoy various forest biomes, known for inhospitable tangles of volcanic rock and vines. The fault line in the east is a known seafloor-spreading zone.


Demographic statistics of Naymarr


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Social Infrastructure
All children are required to go to school until the age of 16, after which they may choose to complete a 2-year foundational sequence before going on to university, complete a 2-year vocational program, or they may directly enter the workforce. Post-secondary education is paid for by the individual. There is a 6-year mandatory military service.


Social services and healthcare is universally available to all citizens and those with visas. Citizenship is gained through birth or a naturalization process that requires a minimum residency and an integration evaluation.


Rigid 12-hour work schedules define the Provincial motto of "work until it's done". Rotating 3-day work weeks allow for highly valued family time. Familial ties are a source of pride and are considered unbreakable. 

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The Gorrdann Family was the first Overseas government to sign an Appeasement, allowing Party Outposts to be established on their land.

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Seasonal celebrations often center around Sheppard's Bay, with flotillas shooting off fireworks. With continued fighting, however, these celebrations have largely been abandoned.

Geography & Climate
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