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Geography and Climate

Quick Facts

Hierarchy: Vanness/Uledd

Capital: Howinn (how'-in)

Demonym: Nayritian (nay-rish'-un)

Language: Axanni (ox-ahn'-ee)

Population: 401M

Major Holidays: 12

Number of regions: 18

Area (km²): 28,590,141

Major cities: Howinn, Jehul, Gyia, Arun, Qaarm

Major industries: Textiles, agriculture, various business, tourism 

All areas and populations given are approximate, pre-First Election.


With its international reputation for business, Nayaritt is the primary location of outsourced projects. Businesses there own the largest, non-governmental share in Cognate Bancorp. The people have a reputation of being always on the move, frequently splitting their days between the mainland and the island. The most educated Province, Nayaritt takes great pride in its literacy rate.


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Global map of Vaerith with the Nayaritt province highlighted. The Nayaritt province is located on the western side of the continent in the Western Hemisphere


Nayaritt flag - Violet border, four triangles stretch from border edges to center, creating pyramid shape; yellow top and bottom triangles, green left and right triangles. Three stylized flames are arranged along top right (red and purple) to bottom left (purple and yellow) diagonal. Center flame is yellow and red with purple background.


Nayaritt crest - Top-pointed shield with white/purple diagonal stripes (left to right) as background on left side. Right side is green, with flames pointing into the striped background. On the green field are three red rearing horses.

Nayaritt has not only the largest desert (which is a complex of six separate deserts) on the continent, but the eastern region has the planet's only salt lake. Second only to Y'Tallish for seismic activity, Nayaritt's eastern, southern, and western fault lines shake regularly. Average provincial temperatures range from -1°C (30°F) to 32°C (90°F).


The desert and grasslands also provide for the planet's most spectacular storms. Relatively dry, most of the province's rain falls in the southern area, where temperate deciduous forests are found. The southwest corner does have a small seasonal rainforest, which enjoys a natural refuge status (blocking any commercial or residential developments).


Nayaritt features a wide array of elevations and two islands off its southern coast. The mountains, valleys, and gorges to the north and northeast are well-known for recreation and smuggling.

NA - Biomes - XS_edited.png


Demographic statistics for Nayaritt


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Social Infrastructure

School is split into three sections -- foundational (grade 2-10), training (grade 11-13), and professional (grade 14-16). Mandatory attendance is required for all sections. If a terminal degree is desired, it may be paid for through business-sponsored grants.


Social services and healthcare is paid for by a monthly withholding for citizens and those with visas. Citizenship is gained through birth or a naturalization process that requires a minimum residency and an integration evaluation.


Most shops and businesses close up around 0100, with work frequently done outside or on the go. Benefits and office design factor largely into companies' recruitment of workers and their retention.

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Famous for its spectacular coastal views and stunning sunsets, Nayaritt commands photographic respect. During vacation times, people flock to the black sand beaches where they can enjoy a wide variety of shellfish and snorkeling. Scuba schools are popular on the southern subcontinent.

Nayaritt is the only Province that splits its land equally between a continental shelf.


When the banking sector fell, the Province almost collapsed with it. The Vanness Family is currently in hiding to avoid signing an Accord and no longer govern. Farrenn Island is highly sought after by the Party.

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Geography & Climate
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